Blue Box Seafood Company was founded in Winchester Bay, OR in 2021. Located on the water in Salmon Harbor Marina, we serve Oregon’s freshest seafood in a casual outdoor atmosphere. With wine and beer on tap, plenty of seating, a large turf area with games like cornhole and giant Jenga, our outdoor oasis is the perfect place to enjoy the delicious seafood and natural beauty of the Oregon Coast with friends and family. 

our seafood

At Blue Box Seafood Company we don’t buy our fish from some conglomerate middlemen selling us last year’s frozen catch. Our seafood market features freshly caught fish directly off of local boats from fishermen we know by name. We personally ensure every fish we sell is top quality and wild-caught using sustainable fishing methods. The cold, clean waters of the Pacific Ocean provide a diverse bounty of some of the world’s best seafood, and we are proud to feature a rotating selection of what’s fresh off the boats.


At Blue Box Seafood Company, it is our mission to serve Oregon’s most delicious seafood while protecting our ocean’s diversity and economically strengthening our fishery-dependent communities.

Our Boat to Box Core Values

1. Sustainability– All our fish is wild-caught using sustainable methods to help preserve a thriving ocean ecosystem for generations to come.

2. Supporting Fishermen-We buy our fish from fishermen we know by name, paying fair prices and supporting the economic development of our fishing-dependent communities.

3. Traceable– We have relationships with the fishermen who catch our fish, and all of our fish is traceable back to the boat that caught them.

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