Billy Nick

Billy grew up on the other side of the country, in an East Coast costal town. As a kid, he was always doing something in the ocean, water skiing, swimming, and working on a clamming boat throughout high school. Promptly after graduating from the University of Delaware with a degree in marketing, Billy did the most sensible thing a 21-year-old kid could do; he packed his bags and moved out to Oregon to work for a craft brewery. 

After his first West Coast experience of cracking open a Dungeness crab and tasting the sweet succulent meat inside, Billy was instantly brought back to fond memories of eating lobster up and down the East Coast during the summers. In his words “Dungeness crab is like the lobster of the West Coast, only way more delicous”.  

Billy met Dan’l in Eugene through mutual friends and joined Blue Box Seafood Company the minute Dan’l brought up the idea. Billy wanted to recreate a staple summer food from his East Coast childhood, a Maine Lobster Roll, but using Dungeness crab instead of Lobster.  Thus, our Dungeness Crab Roll was born.

With a background in restaurants and brewing, Billy runs our daily food and beverage operations. When not at work, you will find him at the beach surfing or taking his dog Oso for a run.